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Month: September 2017




Until recently, I hadn’t had much need to think about recruiting. Suddenly, it’s critically important that I know how to do it well.

One of the things I’ve picked up is that often, particularly for leadership positions, the applicant you want won’t necessarily be looking at job ads or necessarily thinking about taking a step up on the career ladder. A person may be willing to make a move for the right opportunity, but in their day to day, they’re doing well, getting on with their jobs and their lives, and not spending their evenings cruising job boards. If you’ve got a role to fill, you have to go out and find the people you need.

So how do you do that? Pull a group of canny staff together to comb your networks and figure out who we know, dig into conference proceedings for rising stars, search Twitter for opinionated superheroes? (Done it; it was fun!) Cold call? (Hi there, you don’t know me, but WHY NOT WORK HERE, MY TALENTED FRIEND? HELLO? HELLO?)

What else can you?

I’m in the very interesting position of trying to recruit across sectors. I’m looking for a public librarian to potentially fill an academic position. How does someone deeply entrenched in the academic sector break out of a silo and get their job ad in front of a public librarian looking for a leadership opportunity? I can’t use our usual channels. I can’t just relax on this.

How about Twitter?

My colleague Lindsay Cronk (Mover and Shaker) and I hatched a plan; we’ll do what others before us have done: Twitter chat! Ask us anything! Let us tell you about our jobs! We’re hoping that answering questions on Twitter will help us find the people who might want to join us.

This is all a grand experiment for us. We haven’t really been active recruiters before. But we have some great jobs, and we’re looking for some great librarians. And we live in a great town that we love. And we have big, big plans to change the world, starting here, and we need co-conspirators.

So here we go: Monday, Sept 11, noon to 2pm EST, we’re hoping we can get the attention of some folks who might be interested in our jobs, or might know some people who might be interested in our jobs. Or might just want prod at us and help us understand how to be better recruiters. Which all of us are going to need to be.

See you there?