Fun and Funded

Fun and Funded

Fun and Funded
Well…so on the way out to my meeting with Adrienne Hood (the historian with a clue about the internet and thing technical), I checked my mail. There, next to my rejection from SSHRC (Social Studies and Humanities Research Council, the national government’s answer to funding wacko academics like me, but not me in particular) was a slim letter from the Ontario government. I assumed this was my rejection from them. I was wrong. They’re offering me 15 grand for next year. I fell down. External funding means I get to leave the history department if it comes to that. Probably means I have a better chance of getting a SSHRC later on. Wicked. This means I worry about nothing next year….I can’t believe I’m that happy about 15 grand. I could make more working at mcdonald’s, but it does solve a lot of problems. No loan for me. Yay! Thank, Mike Harris. Bah.

Well, so I had this meeting with Adrienne Hood, and it went swimmingly. She told me lots about the politics of what I’m proposing, and who I should tread gently on. Since she doesn’t know me from Eve, I’m terribly impressed with her openness and kindness. Wonderful.

And then I met up with salmon for dinner, and we worked on some planning for the triangle project. We’re going to be helping a group of students through a 3-week workshop that involves developing projects on achieve. Honestly I think I still only half understand what they’re doing. I mean, I love achieve, and I can I think of lots of good ways to do projects and evaluation in moo, but I’m not sure why these students are there. I think there are lots of good reasons for students to be there, but I’m not sure I’ve figured out why these ones are. We do moo tutorial for a while, and then the start an online research project that they build on the moo. I’m curious to see how this will go. I’m looking forward to it. And it’s always fun to work with salmon in any context. And she’s really on right now, after the conference. Her brain has yet to stop buzzing. I could hear it at the dinner table.

Onward and upward….I can’t remember what I have to do tomorrow. All I know is that Contact is on at 8pm. Why do I remember only the really important details?

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