I don’t think I fell asleep before 5am. In fact, I think it was closer to 6am or 7am, because I remember seeing the sun coming up. I was working on the moo until 4am, building new spots that I needed and programming some verbs that I wanted. I should have kept going, I couldn’t sleep when I decided to try anyway. My productivity seems to have returned in spades. I build a shrine, and made a verb to light a candle in front of it. Then I wrote a slap verb for my innkeeper, because he’s cheeky and needs to be slapped pretty often. I made my physician tell you what your character should be like based on what month you were born. And then I took a break and tweaked the blog some more…more vegetables. (Scroll down and see the cute little bok choy at the bottom as a ‘home’ link.) At some point there I decided that I should just do a random search for nice icons to be used later. God knows why. But I do like the vegetables. Vegetables are beautiful.

And then this morning I fixed up my scavenger hunt, and made a series of objects for the triangle kids. salmon had some nice things to say about my work, and I’m terribly pleased. I do so enjoy working with her. I’m really looking forward to this triangle thing. I can’t wait to see how the kids respond to the work I’ve done, too.

Off to wash some dishes for a change. I’m scared to eat anything from my kitchen at this point. I must tidy up.

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