I did some good work on the Martin Luther section of bingen. Now I have a Martin Luther bot, who responds to keywords, which are triggered by room noises, that represents Charles V, his advisers, and a series of cardinals. And they all ask him about his theological stance, and he answers them. Example:

A red-robed cardinal points at Luther and says, “You have been rumoured to deny the use of works. Do you really believe that bad men will be redeemed in Christ? Men without charity, men without compassion?”
Martin Luther says, “Good works do not make a good Christian, but a good Christian does good works. The soul is justified by faith alone, not by any works.”
One of the clerks shouts, “What are you trying to accomplish, Dr. Luther? Do you want to be branded a heretic and excommunicated?”
Martin Luther says, “I want to see reform, sir. I want to see the church return to its early purity. I love the church, sir, I love God and I love Germany. I want to see us all follow the precepts laid down by Jesus to us. I want us to be saved.”
One of the cardinals asks, “Meaningless? Confirmation is meaningless?”
Martin Luther says, “If confirmation brings our youth closer to the church and closer to God, we may certainly continue to use it as a means to an end, but it does not figure in the Bible, and therefore is not a sacrament.”
The crowd roars with surprise and enthusiasm.
One of the bishops shouts, “Are you calling the Pope the AntiChrist?”
Martin Luther says, “I say what I am prompted to by what I have learned in studying the Bible. I will say no more than that.”
The Emperor Charles the V, with a thick Spanish accent, notes, “So, Dr. Luther. You agree that infants require baptism for salvation?”
Martin Luther [to Hildegarde]: Yes, your Honour, I do accept that babes should feel the blessed waters of baptism.
One of the Emperor’s aides, asks, “What about confirmation? Do you believe in this sacrament?”
Martin Luther says, “Yet another meaningless ritual.”
Someone from the crowd shouts, “What about the saints? Do you deny them too?”
Martin Luther [to Hildegarde]: The saints were good people, and we should try to emulate their goodness when we can, but saints cannot intercede for us on behalf of God. We must pray to God alone.
Someone in the crowd jostles you.

I’m unclear why Luther insists on responding to the chair in the room instead of just generally. But it still works. And now to bed!

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