They’re towing my car!

They’re towing my car!

Heee…funny event last night….Janine and I went out for a bite late last night (always good conversation there, though she thinks I tease her too much, probably true), and afterwards we watched a movie on my very very crappy vcr. She was just standing out on my balcony at one point, looking around, and then she looked down. Her car was parked directly below. There was a truck parked right in front of her. She shouted, “they’re towing my car! they’re towing my car!” and ran out to the elevator, in her socks. I threw her some shoes. Then I watched her from the balcony come outside, running at top speed, and stopping in front of the car, staring. I laughed and laughed. It wasn’t a tow truck. It was just a regular truck. Parked. She could hear me laughing from 26 floors down. So, no actual drama, just fake drama last night.

I’m just getting ready to go off to the computer lab to meet with the triangle kids again. I’m so excited, I can’t wait to see how it goes today.

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