Pretty much 30

Pretty much 30

Wow, today is, as far as I’m concerned, the first day of summer. I actually pulled out my shorts today. Unbelievable. As I type this, I’m sitting out on my balcony, listening to the CBC, thinking about getting a tall dark iced tea and something ultra summery for dinner (Gazpacho?). Oh the joys of a laptop, of course, I didn’t lug a desktop monster out to my balcony, though that might even be worth it. Though, not everyone believes that this is truly summer….I had this dialogue with my colleague Richard at work today:

me: it’s almost 30 degrees out there! Well, it’s 27 degrees, that’s pretty much 30 degrees!
Richard: How old are you?
me: 26.
Richard: Is that pretty much 30?

Okay, so cynicism aside, it’s a beautiful day. It’s funny how you can forget what it’s like…every year, it’s a bit of a surprise how nice it is to walk down the street with no coat on. With no sleeves, even! I was wearing pants and felt quite over-dressed.

I bought my first pair of avacados yesterday. They’re sitting on my table here on the balcony looking at me expectantly. I’m hoping that sitting out here in the sunny mornings will ripen them so I can test out my guacamole-making skills. (I’ll have to be on the phone/MOO with salmon at the same time, of course, my guacamole guru.)

I’m listening to a conversation about Stockwell Day’s leadership. I can’t believe how wonderfully this is going for the rest of us…we were so worried about this guy when he won the leadership of the ultra right wing party in Canada, because he’s young and charming. But now, the party is trying to oust him, he makes himself look stupider and stupider as time goes on…misstep as misstep…and now some MPs are even leaving the party in favour of the traditional right wing party, the Progressive Conservatives. I’m interested by how much ethics plays in this little game…just pure ethics. And, on a similar political note…What is with George W. Bush? Is that man insane? Does he miss the old cold war years? I mean, what is he doing? He figures his daddy got lots of support by starting a war, maybe he should do the same? He’s decided to revive star wars and get more missile defense for the US, because of China. God, Dubya, get over it, there *are* communists in the world, you can ‘t wipe them out with your big Texas-sized hanky. Mike Harris can’t star a war, so he declares war on teachers. George W. Bush *can* start a war, so he throws away the treaties with Russia and points missiles at China. Wonderful Sheesh. What idiots. I’m just so unclear that democracy is a good idea. Stupid people win elections, and tricks like this actually work. Unbelievable.

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