Keyword Bot

Keyword Bot

Great success with the keyword bot….here’s a sample:

One of the judges asks, “Is it not true that you seduced Tom Twostone to come to your bed against his will?”
Sarah says, “Ha ha ha! I don’t know what you’re talking about. I wouldn’t bring Fat Tom into my bed.”
Elizabeth [whispers to Hildegarde]: Oh, we all know she was sleeping with Fat Tom…he talked about her charms far and wide. What a faithless whore!

I love the way I have the authority speaking, asking the official questions (people who come from a distance and don’t know any of the players, only the witnesses responses), the witch representing herself, and the neighbourhood response from Elizabeth. And when you try to talk….

You find yourself overcome by the mood of the crowd, and without really being aware of it, you shout, “She’s a witch! Burn her! Burn her!”
Sarah says, “Och, you fool!”
Elizabeth whispers, “We need to kill her! She’s a threat to all of us!”

Every time I work on a new room, I learn more and I’m happier with what I’m doing. Now, we’ll see what I learn from the next one…

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