Goofing off again

Goofing off again

Well, I’m at work, I’m connected via U of T ethernet with my own computer, finally (yay!), and the official reasoning for this is because I have fireworks and I can do fun image editing for the website, but really I just want be able to screw around with stuff at work with my own computer. It’s true that I do work for the website on here, though. And I’d love to do more. Our website is SO boring, have a look. But now I’m staying around just because another staff member is trying to send an attachment and is having trouble, so I’m the moral support. I love this not doing real work thing. Terrible. I promise to get to it as soon as her attachment is sent safely. Really, really, I promise.

Had a great time last night with jason and salmon at the Duke…woohooo! Fun talk, wonderful time. Funny waiter, even. I got a free iced tea. He probably thought I was the designated driver…ha ha ha. I came home and wrote a bot help file for the triangle kids…and I think I’ve already seen some of the fruits of my labours…

And now it’s Friday again. I can’t remember what means anymore….

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