Triangle and Friends

Triangle and Friends

Oh man, I’m so tired…tired right down to the bone. But I had a great time with jason and Yuka and Andenye tonight. And with salmon and Patty, too….we started at the faculty club with the triangle teachers (Jim and Patty), and me and salmon….man, that Patty just amazes me, she’s so incredibly bright and perceptive. We had a really engaging conversation about gender that I apprieciated tremendously. Still much to talk over with all my other gender argument friends…that’s a conversation I never feel I get to the end of…

After the faculty club jason and I headed over to meet Yuka and Andenye at a cute little Italian restaurant (where Sarah works on occaision, when she’s in Toronto). Good food, funny conversation, and it was nice to meet Andenye (finally). jason has been trying to get us to meet one another for some time….and after THAT back to jason’s to snuggle the cats and chat some more….and finally, at midnight, jason’s eyes started to cross and Andenye drove me home in her fabulous red jeep. She’s a very smart, savvy, intelligent woman. I was impressed over and over today.

And jason and salmon proposed that I take on the triangle project myself next year. That part completely stuns me. And Patty gave us PRESENTS for helping with the class, as if we needed PRESENTS…just being allowed to be there was a gift in itself…and Patty was a bit extravagant as well. Crazy woman. So sweet, though…and the kids all signed cards for us….I’ve signed a million of those cards in my time and I had no idea what kind of emotional impact they have…I will honestly treasure it.

Wow, sometimes you have one of those days when everything just goes right….

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