Working with Teachers

Working with Teachers

Aaaah….another long day.

I had a very long, very unproductive meeting with the teacher for the new online class project I’m working on. Let’s just say that one of us was having trouble with the extreme basics and I’m a little scared that one of us is preparing to teach a unit in a space that one of us doesn’t understand in the slightest. ‘Nuff said.

But…I did retrieve the day by creating two new generics I’ve been thinking about…. a generic talking stick room and a generic talking stick .

It is based on the tradition in many
Native American nations of using a ceremonial stick to determine who speaks.
Many native political structures begin meetings with the elder taking the
talking stick; when s/he is finished speaking s/he passes the stick to
another, and the process continues until everyone has had their say. They
believe that by pacing opinions, and forcing everyone to not just react but
think and speak with gravity helps groups to make good and thoughtful

So I feel good about that, though this is just TSR 1.0, the beta. I think I’m getting carpal tunnel syndrome too. Fun wow. 🙂 Obviously I’m working too hard. But I enjoy it…I saw a silly movie today called Matilda. (The stuff they put on TV during the Victoria Day long weekend.) It’s about a little girl who has telekinetic powers. I have to say that programming makes me feel like *I* have telekinetic power…I think it and it happens. Now that’s exciting. And now I’d better rest this hand/arm of mine…

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