Kaycee Nicole

Kaycee Nicole

Well, so there’s this Kaycee Nicole thing going on. I know one tough day not long ago Soshi had told me that she had stumbled on the Living Colours blog, and we talked about what was in it…she was really moved by it, and I had to admit that being 19 and dying from leukemia is a lot worse than what I was being self-pitying about….I think Soshi found the sight right when she ‘died’. So it’s a huge hoax, which is interesting…

I’m interested in these apologies that aren’t actually apologies at all. The woman who wrote all the Kaycee stuff says that Kaycee was a composite of 3 different cancer sufferers she knows, and that she regrets nothing. A lot of people are feeling hurt and used by the whole thing. I don’t believe in the composite story. I don’t think she had any real goals, other than to play with this character and enjoy the attention she got.

I don’t have a problem with fiction, nor even with ficiton that’s not obvious at first….but you’ve got to have a p urpose at least, and not mess with people’s minds….

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