Somehow, we managed to convince tsr that he really needed a character at achieve. Unbelieveable. tsr is, hands down, the best moo coder I’ve ever seen. And I know 0bsidian is pretty good as well, but tsr manages to code the most useful things you didn’t know you needed….and it looks like we caught him just in time. He just quit his job, and has decided to take a break from work for a little while. Wonderful news for us…I hope we can get lots of good advice from him. he did meander on and check my code, I’m happy to say. He says my code is good, I’m thrilled.

And he’s learning perl, so it will be interesting to put him and emma in a room together.

Hopefully tsr can help us with PCs, and with guest chars….since we have a bunch of new ideas about guest chars. Fun fun!

Can’t wait for Jason to get back…

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