Handcuff the teachers.
AUSTIN � It was a decision that cost him his job as a teacher, but Grady Roper says he has no regrets.

Mr. Roper was fired at Katherine Anne Porter School in the Hill Country town of Wimberley last fall after defending controversial artwork by some of his students.

The art in question was a 30-by-10-foot mural painted by his students in the main hallway of the charter high school. The colorful mural contained numerous images � but some parents and school board members objected to a 2-by-2-foot section that showed two men kissing.

The painting sparked several days of debate, including a unanimous vote of support for the mural by the school’s faculty. But teachers and students returned to class one Monday and found that the mural had been whitewashed over the weekend.

One more reason not to live in Texas.

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