Saturday night frolics:

Question: What did you do last night?

Brin says, “Had a coffee, went the the Riverboat and watched people bowl, then had another coffee and came home. :)”
blue says, “nuthin.”
blue says, “rented a documentary on breasts and then i went to bed around midnight.”
Jason says, “I worked until 7:30, then I had dinner with yuka at a tapas on baldwin, then walked about to get a video on queen, and watched it at home. It was O Brother where art thou.”

For the record: I went out for dinner and Hoegaarden at the red lion on jarvis with emma, and then we wandered around looking for coffee. And finally I came home at an ungodly hour and read metafilter until I collapsed. And here I was intending to do some good reading. Sheeesh.

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