I’m crushed to tell you that I went downstairs to watch star trek this afternoon at 4pm (the appointed time) and no star trek was there to be found. Then I realized that today is Saturday.

But, aside from that galling disappointment, I managed to produce a remarkable amount of work today. I finished my superfabulous encore 3.0.1 GUI tutorial (Yes, do come see!) which takes the user step but url-illustrated step through how to function within the GUI. Jan, you need me. You really, really need me.

Once I finished it, I realized that I actually needed TWO such tutorials…a ‘new character’ one, and a guest one. Why, you ask? Well….we have guests who come on, often on their own, who need something to look at….but we also have new characters who don’t really know how to manage with the GUI. I mean, they clearly know some of the stuff, but I went through and dissected the critical buttons in the button bar as well. So I made two of them. It’s always easier to make the second.

After that, I had to deal with the fact that these HUGE verbed THINGS needed to place to sit. So I build a wing of tutorial stuff. A main room, a guest tutorial, and a new character tutorial. (Is there a better word for them? Other than 1) tutorials, and 2) characters?

And THEN….oh yes, we’re not done yet….

Well, I wanted a basic commands room. How do you easily explain some of the very basic commands in an interesting and engaging way? Not like I came up with an answer. But I did come up with an annoying room. I created an object named Rochelle. Which was my first mistake. Then I built a room filled with noises like this:

Rochelle lets out a loud yell, “Aaaaaaaaargh!!!!” (To do this, type ‘arg’)
Rochelle cringes. (To cringe, type ‘cringe’)
Rochelle tickles you relentlessly! (To tickle her back, type ‘tickle rochelle’)
Rochelle points at you. (To point back at her, type ‘point rochelle’)
Rochelle blushes. (To blush, type ‘blush’)
Rochelle shakes your hand and greets you warmly. (To do this, type ‘hsh rochelle’)
Rochelle nods. (To nod, type ‘nod’, or ‘nod rochelle’ to nod at her.)

Will people manage to not type the single quotation marks? Who knows. We’ll see. Biggest mistake was making the emotive character ME, because shortly everyone will hate me.

And it’s thundering. And you know how I feel about thunder.

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