Below: the random words of an affectionate drunk. Now I’m behind on my ‘ditching this popstand’ goal because I needed more sleep that I anticipated. I want to go get some underwear before I head out. Yes, underwear. There’s nothing quite like knowing you have new underwear for the next week or so. It’s the best part of christmas, and why shouldn’t it happen in July? Hmmm…that I can go get terrible food court food at the mall. Yep, looks like I’m still decided on that move….

And I had the most horrible dream. First off, the fact that a volume of the Social Studies and Humanities Index was missing was Achieve’s fault. And Jason got a new office in this very 70s building, all red and white geometry. And he was really excited about something I don’t remember. And suddenly….oh, this is cool, it wasn’t a new office, the 70s geometric space that was also a library was actually achieve. Cause we (me and rhonna and salmon and jason) started to have an argument on beam, and there were two other characters, new characters who were on beam, but didn’t know what was going on. And everyone was in the strange building, in different parts, having this argument. And salmon said something really severe (I don’t remember what) and jason got really upset and left. And I couldn’t catch up to him. And as usual in dreams like this, I couldn’t see anything properly. And the argument was such that I was quite sure Achieve was dead and maybe jason would run home and pull it down. I have no idea what the argument was about. But it was very upsetting. And woke up all upset, too. So, no fighting. And no bad 70s decorating around Achieve.

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