What kinds of characters did Cat attract with this blogathon idea?
This is interesting: “i work daily in the web and i do quite a bit of research into what’s going on. i recently learned of a few disturbing things that are going on and i want you to know about them. the thing is that i know that i’m being monitored. my pager’s on 24/7, my cell phone is on 24/7, and if i were to divulge my location to you i know i’d be toast. this is serious shit. very serious. i have a reason to believe that the government (BUSH!) is doing some funky shit with the web. everyone talks about napster and censorship and maybe even echelon now and then (only bbc, they know what they’re talking about sometimes puff adder) but they don’t know the half of it. napster ain’t shit. it’s nothing.

you think about this before i get cut loose for the day. you’re using a cell, we know where you are. you’re using a pager we know where you are, you’re using your cadillac with onstar we know where you are. we know where you are. always. you can’t get away.

Uh huh. Yeah. Time for the next button…

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