Salmon asked….If I were a teenager today…
heh. Tough question. Well. I would lose the loser friends I was hanging with. Maybe I would get a driver’s license. Maybe. I would save more money from the afterschool job, put it in Nortel, and take it out about 9 months ago. No, really. What….hmmm….I would take more languages. I would prepare to do undergrad in languages. English and German and Latin…that kind of thing. Maybe Spanish. I would….give up on camp earlier than I did. What else. I don’t really regret a whole lot…but let’s say I went back and was me as a teenager….

Well, I would FLIRT a lot more. That’s what. I would have more fun. Connect emotionally with more people, take a few more chances. I was so scared as a kid. And….hmmm….maybe I’d go on an exchange. Go spend some time in France.

I hope that answers that one….

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