Dyanna is a MOO star!

Dyanna_Guest says, “i’m still trying to get my brain to figure out the “to’ thingie”
You say, “k”
You say, “example”
Hildegarde . o O ( to hil go blog )
You say, “type zat”
You grin.
You say, “I mean, type that”
You giggle.
Dyanna_Guest asks, “so i type “to hildegarde whatever blah blah”?”
You grin.
You nod to Dyanna_Guest.
You say, “oh”
You say, “without the quotes, of course”
You say, “but yeah”
You say, “and you can shorten my name”
Dyanna_Guest [to Hildegarde]: “testing!”
You say, “my name is damn long”
Dyanna_Guest exclaims, “oooh kinky!”
You cheer at Dyanna_Guest.
You giggle.
You exclaim, “you’re too fun!!”

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