Weblog Manifesto
Crap is good. When all barriers (money, status, position, computer expertise) are down, everyone can start publishing. Which is good. OK, there’ll be a lot of crap, but “everyone” includes people who have a lot to say on a lot of important topics, not just people with technical, stylistic, or design abilities.

Conversations are conversations. If you randomly drop by some weblog, the personal details may seem pointless. But if you follow the weblog over time, and other weblogs in the same community, the details add up, and you’ll see individuality and personality and connections emerging. Which is how the web gets its glue.

Linking to a link found on another weblog is good. It’s the six-degrees-of-separation thing. Weblogs are good because they can lead people to interesting sites they wouldn’t have otherwise found. But if weblogs only linked to sites they found by themselves, the word would not get around.

It’s Your Civic Duty to Run a Weblog!. A vast sea of individuals’ weblogs is the only force available to counter the Corporations’ TV-ization of the Web. Without individuals, the corporations will be in control, pushing out content to us.

[Break it down, man. Break it down. Hear hear!]

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