Okay, so the only way I can do this is to keep talking. And keep focussed. As long as I do that, I should be able to make it to the end. So now I’m going to focus on #11.

For the unititiated: #11 is the first room you arrive in when you visit achieve. I’m not terribly happy with it, because it doesn’t really 1) welcome you, or 2) give you any direction on what to do next.

I was talking to some of the bloggers who came by to visit us over the last few (many) hours, and I think I’ve got some ideas about what needs to happen in #11. First and foremost: we need something big and bright right away that tells you how to speak. People don’t click around looking for that information, because they don’t realize they need it. So how can we do that?

Possibilities: 1) a bright gif as a pic on the room that tells you, 2) an audio file that tells you, 3) room noises that remind you, 4) instructions in the room description, 5) a pop up window that describes it. That’s all I can think up right now. I’m leaning toward….well, the easiest one, description. Though i think it would be cute to have an audio clip. 🙂

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