I can hear those fighter planes

I can hear those fighter planes

violent_blue says, “you okay?”
wu says, “i guess”
violent_blue says, “i can’t even imagine what it must be like there”
wu says, “i thought we were in the midst fo war”
violent_blue says, “we may well be.”
wu says, “i think there isn’t one person who isn’t in a daze”
wu says, “i can’t even think about those people in the towers”
wu says, “buried in the debris”
wu says, “i can see the hospital rooms from window”
violent_blue says, “there are a lot of police and firefighters missing”
wu says, “yes”
wu says, “you can’t imagine how many plain clothes police there are. they are coming out of the woodworks”
wu says, “i can hear the fighter planes”
wu says, “i dont really feel a thing right now”

I can hear those figher planes…what song is that? U2? Argh…..

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