I had the oddest dream last night. And I’m choosing to write about it just before I head off to bed tonight. But it’s been rolling around in my mind all day, so I want to record what I can make out of it…

It begins in a swimming pool. I don’t remember the story that goes with that, but I’m in a swimming pool, and I realize suddenly that an ancient ex of mine is there. I haven’t seen her in years. But I’m not sure that this person in the dream is the real, thing…but it did have her shoulder-length, luscious, glossy brown curls (which she had up until we broke up and she decided to get really dykey). I was swimming when it occurred to me how devastatingly attractive she was, how time had passed, how I had run into her when I was totally unready to deal with the prospect, and damn, how attractive she was. I think that’s what I started flirting. Pretty seriously. Pretty intense. I’m not sure she knew it was me, but she liked me.

Part 2: scene: a small, oval-shaped room with chairs along the far wall, and an oval table filled with little tidbits in the middle. My long-disappeared ex is standing in the room, while others are sitting. My ex is now a man. Really, a man. Well, perhaps more like a 17 year old boy than a man, so sort of still LIKE her other self, but now male. And, to top it all of, s/he’s wearing a suit of armour. What’s peculiar about all this (well, other than the fact that my ex is switching sexes before my eyes) is that I’m just as attracted to her/him as I was before. Possibly more. And the conversation continues. I remember distinctly touching his/her breast plate and being very conscious of her/him being a man. We continue flirting shamelessly. Things are progressing rapidly, we’re looking for private spots to have a rendez-vous, and s/he is looking increasingly worried. S/he says, “I should tell you….from the waist down, I’m a woman.” And I’m deliciously relieved suddenly. And…then I wake up. With a cold nose on my face, because I’m in Guelph and my dog wanted to greet me with his typical joyous morning hello.

I thought this was the strangest thing. She did have the glossiest, most lovely curls, though. She really did.

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