Well, now you can get Lord of the Rings ICQ!

Let’s see how this would have gone:

Sauron25: wre the hel is my ring?!?!!1
bilbo452: hw wood i no?
XXGandalf: piss of
frododo: sam?
samgamgee: ya?
frododo: is some1 following us?
samgamgee: ya, u got a nife in ur shoulder, d00d
Sauron25: WRE THE HEL IS MY RING??/??
elrond56: shut up
AragornArathorn: i wanna fuck that elf chick
elrond56: ????? you dono’t deserve hr ass
boromirstud69: I want that ring, its cool
frododo: NO!
glimi1974: what girly man wnts a ring anyway
Sauron25: ?????
glimi1974: jk
galadrielfox: I have a drink for you guys if you want
frododo: thx
merrymerid444: ow! I fel of a horse!
pippin555: me to! theres a big tree in my face
treebeard57: hoooooooooooooooooooooooollllllllm
merrymerid444: shut up already, tree
sarumanmulticolor: i rok
XXGandalf: do not. Im dead
sarumanmulticolor: i no, ha ha ha
Sauron25: wRE the hell is my ring?! give it back!
faramir15: i think i might die
pippin555: maybe not
gollumgollum: i like shiny things
frododo: shut up
samgamgee: can I kiss your leathery little feet, frododo?
frododo: sure
frododo sure is hot around here
gollumgollum: im hungry
merrymerid444: im tired
XXGandalf: I’m flying
pippin555: me to!
frododo: I’m missing a finger
gollumgollum: I got the shiny ring!
gollumgollum: o no
gollumgollum: its really hot
aragornarathorn: so is she
elrond56: sauron25, you shut up for good now
elrond56 logs off.
bilbo452: by by!
frododo: by
treebeard57: jerks

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