Let’s Talk about Online Communities

Let’s Talk about Online Communities

It all starts with a girl who tried to kill herself on her webcam. This particular page is NOT flattering to the poor girl, and I don’t particularly agree with the ‘reviewer’. But his collection of comments is interesting.

She writes:i’ve been in love twice. both times i’ve been told at the end that i was not enough.
this is it. i’m not going to do it again. i’m in a world where people aren’t even kind to each other. i think it’s just time to check out. i’m not worth loving even when i try with all my might to be someone else. even when i say, “i would give you anything. i love you so much.”
This is the point when she decides to give the suicide thing a shot. Which I think we can all understand. What’s different, of course, is that she decides to do this while her webcam is running. What results:

This is familiar territory to most of us, I’d say, if not something we’ve experienced ourselves, something we’ve considered, or something we’ve watched others experience or consider. The only difference here is that we get to see pictures, we, strangers, get to watch. Now, where things start to get interesting is in the comments. Here’s a few:

If anyone knows Stacy’s mailing address or how to get ahold of Glenn, please call 911 or Glenn. Stacy has taken pills and is lying on her bathroom floor!!

I called the Brooklyn Police Department a few minutes ago. I don’t have her address, but I gave them her phone number.

oh my stacy! You dont want to do this. I know you are going through one hell of a time right now.. but NOBODY is worth taking your life for.
I just said a prayer for you.
Please hang on

She did make it to a hospital, and when she came out, she was a lot more lucid. Her take:this is not interesting. trust me. not only is it not interesting, it’s over, finished, kaput. never again will i drink activated charcoal and have it pumped out of my stomach via my nostrils. not for love, money, sex, sex toys, cats (okay, maybe cats), ex-husbands, current husbands (if i were living on a planet where THAT might ever happen again) or even for skinny beautiful sexy geeky boyfriends no matter how much i love them or obsess over them or whatever you want to call it. nope, nope, nope. nope. not gonna happen. so this is it: this is as close to the news-of-the-week as you’re gonna get from me. now let’s talk about flower arranging or something.

The fact that this is all documented online is what’s so cool. A process that used to be so private is now so public. This is very much the same and the precise opposite of Kaycee Nicole.

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