My adviser and the assistant chair of the history department stopped in to ask me if I was needing a little extra cash. I asked him what he had in mind. (You never know with these assistant chairs, after all.) Turns out he wants someone to work on the department pages…he wants a series of information about a dozen or so different classes to go online. All text, he says. Apparently someone somewhere is working on a template for these, and that almost made me cringe, since you know there’s nothing I like better than making a template for a webpage. But he wanted to know if I could do it, and aside from the fact that I’m not sure how the department server works, and how I would ftp stuff to them, I jumped at the chance. I think that’s outrageously great. I can html any ole thing you like. 🙂 So, my little dalliance with the world of the web pays off all over the place…

God, I feel great today. I mean, I can’t even explain it. I just do. I work up feeling great, and I think I went to bed at close to 4am. But I woke up at 8am absolutely overflowing with joy. And then I let myself sleep in a bit, figuring I’d need to after all that, but I would wake up every fifteen minutes feeling like I’d just had another wonderful night’s sleep.

I did manage to steal a coat from home while I was in Guelph this weekend; a blue LL Bean coat that my sister probably picked up at Value Village. (Do you mind, Melissa?) It’s really nice, and I’m liking it more as I wear it around. I also picked up a pink scarf to go with it. Thank God, because no doubt it will get colder shortly…

Ah, what a love in…it’s been a crazy busy couple of weeks, and I’m still busy, but now I’m joyous and busy.

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