Miso Soup for One

Miso Soup for One

Miso Soup for One
-two green onions, or three or four thin slices of white or red onion
-two or three mushrooms, sliced into strips (bite size!)
-olive oil
-one or two slices of bacon, precooked (you can buy it that way, thank god)
-two to three cups of water
-snowpeas, chopped (again with the bite sized)
-spinach (get a bag, you’ll want to do this again.)
-miso (So far I’ve tried yellow and white, both are good.)

-throw your onions and mushrooms into a saucepan with a drop or two of olive oil. You know, just to make sure nothing burns. Sautee them over medium to lowish heat.
-when that smells sort of doneish (What? You wanted precise language? Phsaw.), throw in the pre-cooked bacon. It’s already cooked, after all. But let it get it’s groove on in there for a while. Stir a lot.
-Add water. Turn the heat up toward high, we’re aiming for a boil here. Throw in the snowpeas, and rip up your spinach. Try to keep as many stems out of there as possible. Fill up the rest of the pot with spinach until you think the lid might not fit on anymore. Press the spinach down a bit. See? The lid will still fit on. Put the lid on. Go watch tv for a bit, maybe 10 minutes tops.
-take off the lid. Wow! Look how little spinach that actually was. Cool. Now, turn the heat off. Stir it around a bit. Take out your miso. Put a tablespoon of miso in there, and maybe another half a tablespoon, another whole tablespoon if you’re like me and really like your miso. It might stick to the spoon, but swoosh it around in the water to get it off. Stir. Put the lid on again.
-pop a bagel in the toaster. When it pops up, put a little ‘I can’t believe it’s not butter’ on it. Slice the bagel slices. Put them on a pretty plate. Have another look at your soup. Stir it again. Doesn’t it smell nice? Pour it into a bowl, and grab a spoon.
-remember to thank me.

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