Can People Really Change?

Can People Really Change?

Well, of course they can. But I mean, will they? For instance: can an abusive relationship ever stop being abusive and become healthy? On Maury Povitch, they seem to think so. They suggest these women leave their horribly abusive men, but rather than just helping the women leave they try to reform the men.

I mean, are they not going to go home all pumped to be good, but then revert back to their old habits? Who is this good for? Is it a good idea to give these abused women the hope they really don’t need that these men are suddenly going to turn into prince charmings when we all know they’re very very unlikely? Wouldn’t it be best to just pull off that bandaid and mourn?

I can’t even imagine how it would work if anything of them actually reformed. I mean, they barely know each other as healthy people. These relationships didn’t even seem healthy from the start. I know how tough break ups are, but I’m not sure what Maury Povitich is doing.

Well, That’s Maury Povitch for you.

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