CBC lockout

CBC lockout

Okay, CBC. It’s been long enough. Really. The first fifteen minutes of suspended programming was enough for me, and now on day two it’s starting to cause me physical pain.


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  1. Shoot! The comment I posted last night timed out and never made it through. (This, right now, is a test to see if it was just a problem last night or if it’s a longer-lasting problem.)

  2. I agree. I miss my CBC – and it is my CBC. It seems that the administrators don’t understand that Canadians need the CBC and deserve to have it up and running. If they have trouble getting money to keep it going properly – which includes giving the employees a fair shake – the government’s coffers (our tax money) needs to help out! Please let me know what I can do as a citizen to make sure the CBC leaders and the government realize the severity of the situation and change their tactics to focus on reinstating the CBC to its full levels – or even better – improve our access to programming.

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