Web 2.0 catches up with Reader’s Advisory

Web 2.0 catches up with Reader’s Advisory

The (possible) future of reader’s advisory: Story Code.

“What am I going to read today?”

A familiar question to most readers, because it is a struggle choosing what to read next.

Well, StoryCode is here to help.

StoryCode.com is a unique source of inspiring book recommendations and a great way to find the next book to read. And its power comes from the collaborative passion of readers.

It was only a matter of time ebfore someone used social networking software and complex tagging to do something like this. I’m sorry the library world didn’t do it first. (Check it out: there isn’t a single librarian among them.)

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  1. Sad as this sounds, it did not surprise me there was not a single librarian among them. I wonder if that says anything about our profession. Best, and keep on blogging.

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