Bits and Bytes

Bits and Bytes

Something to roll your eyes at: Republicans in the US Congress want libraries to block web 2.0 in order to get funding.

The Deleting Online Predators Act (DOPA) would require schools and libraries to block access to a broad selection of web content, including “commercial Web sites that let users create web pages or profiles or offer communication with other users via forums, chat rooms, e-mail or instant messaging.” Not only would the bill block sites like MySpace—where even libraries have set up their own profiles—it would also block instant messaging, online e-mail, wikis, and blogs.

Something to play with: a web 2.0 app that lets you add a group chat function to any website (even one that’s not yours!) I couldn’t get this to work properly in Safari, but it works nicely in Camino. I hear it works in firefox too! (Cheers to gabbly!)

And thus ends another joyous workweek.

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