Industrialia at Kipling

Industrialia at Kipling

The view from the Go train at Kipling.

This view always appalled/intrigued me. It’s a mass of power lines, so unashamedly industrial, just there alongside the train. At Dixie it’s just piles of tractor trailor cargo units, piled on top of each other. I should have taken a picture of those too, but I guess I figured all those strange looks I got for taking this picture was probably enough for one day. I took this with my cell phone, which gives it that sort of otherworldly watercolour sort of look.

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  1. Great picture! It reminds me of this thing from the movie “Crumb.” He wanted his outdoor scenes to look realistically urban, so he drove around los angeles taking pictures of power lines, light poles, etc. Then he pasted all the pictures in a scrapbook for reference.

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