(Virtual) Comfort is Key

(Virtual) Comfort is Key

Can I get one of these for my office? I just can’t think of a situation that wouldn’t be improved by having a great big basket full of pillows and blankets in it.laundry basket cat nap

Or, possibly, one of these.
cat nap

I’m really happy to see these kinds of very comfortable spaces and poses in Second Life. I’m the sort of person who doesn’t like to see her avatar standing for too long, or sitting in a way that appears uncomfortable. I’m also the kind who always offers a seat to people who drop by, because, while technically we’re just as comfortable standing as sitting, standing around just makes it feel like a less committed conversation. Someone somewhere is probably writing a master’s dissertation on the qualitative and quantitative differences in conversations between avatars who are standing versus sitting.

Now, here’s something you’re unlikely to ever be able to do in real life, unless you have a much wackier real life than mine:
bathing in milk
Bathing in a bowl of milk. My avatar’s skin is flawless, I tell you.

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