Write what you Know

Write what you Know

Eventually I will get back to interesting posts, the ones about information and educational technology and fun internet things, but I’m currently working on my dad’s 10 year old win98 machine, as my ibook is in the shop, and he’s got dial up. So I’m not using the fun internet things to their fullest. (He at least upped his “one hour per day” plan to “unlimited”, so now I can wait an indefinite amount of time for things to load.) My world is largely dominated by health-related matters at the moment, and since I don’t plan to experience this cancer business again (and, for the record, there’s no reason why I should fear I might; there’s no direct correlation between thyroid cancer and any other kind), so I’m being self-indulgent and recording my experiences and reflections here.

There was a kerfuffle some time ago when a more serious librarian blogger looked down his nose at those of us who don’t post exclusively about librarianship on our blogs within the “biblioblogosphere”, and as I recall a few of us rallied around the idea that our lives are not exclusively about librarianship, and we are healthier people for having multiple interests and experiences to share and ponder. And I will stand by my contention that I primarily keep this blog for me, and I will post as I feel compelled to. In the end, I think it makes me a better professional to see fodder to ponder in all aspects of my life rather than confining it to a tiny strip of “acceptable” material. I don’t get paid to keep a blog. I blog because writing is how I process information, and I like to share.

I’ll get back to the info tech soon enough.

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  1. I missed that kerfuffle, but I know which side I would have been on. There are all sorts of ways of categorizing blogs, but it’s totally valid for a blog to be a number of different things – dealing with professional and personal issues. I think those blogs are more interesting anyway. I can imagine that what you’re going through is a major life-changing event, of course you should be recording it. And good for you for sharing it. After all, something like this could happen to any one of us. I wish you all the best with recovering from your surgery and the rest of your treatment.

  2. I’m an entirely non-serious librarian who also has entirely serious but also entirely treatable thyroid cancer. I was told about your blog by a librarian friend of mine because of your postings on your cancer experience. I’m just at the stage now where my surgery is scheduled, and I don’t know what will happen from there, but, I’m really happy to have a chance to read one version of what could happen. Thanks for sharing. Now I’m going to read your *professional* postings.

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