Irradiate Me

Irradiate Me

Contrary to (seemingly) popular belief, I haven’t actually had any radiation yet, and at no time was my radiation postponed or rescheduled. I cannot have radiation until 4 weeks after surgery, which is officially today. Radiation requires me to be in a state of rather severe hypothyroidism, which I’m most definitely in right now. The last few days have been, I must admit, particularly challenging. I’m officially checked in to the hospital now, and out on a day pass. I spent most of the afternoon finding a parking spot and failing, trying to work out where to register at the hospital, registering, waiting for the nurse, getting debriefed, and finally making some decisions about what is and is not coming in with me. I will be incommunicado after dinner tonight when I go back into the hospital and stay there until it’s all over. Which is probably for the best, because I’m pretty irritable and headachy, not to mention utterly exhausted.

I have no idea why there are these rumours floating around about my treatment, and it’s a bit disconcerting to hear about them. I know I posted about radiation and my plan for the experience; I suppose I can just take it as a compliment that my post considering my options was so vivid that people imagine I’ve had the experience. I’ll post a (too) long treatise on it once I’ve passed through it and am on the other side, never you fear.

I’m definitely trying to stay positive, but I’m not out of the woods on this one yet. There’s a fair bit of treatment and recovery left to go.

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  1. I’ll be waiting to hear how you spent your time, what you read, what you thought about. I guess it would be too chirpy to suggest thinking of this as a mini-desert-island experience.

  2. Hi Rochelle:

    I have been lurking here for awhile – I went to grad. school with Jeremy. I meant to post a YA book recommendation before now. I read recently (and really enjoyed) Isabelle Allende’s trilogy for young adults – the first one is City of Beasts. I hope you enjoy it and I hope everything goes well with the treatment today!

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