The Progress of the Scar

The Progress of the Scar

As you can see, it’s starting to fade out in spots. I’m taking these pictures with my laptop’s built-in camera (and Photo Booth), and I think it takes a bit of red out of it, but that’s roughly what it looks like. The faded out spots have no ropey scar tissue (or stitches?) underneath it, while the redder parts still do. At first it was one solid ropey line under the skin, with the thinnest possible little sharp scab across it on the surface. (The scab came off after the first day sans dressing.) Since then, bits of the ropey line have been falling back and feeling normal, making it bumpy to the touch. It’s like a line that’s being erased in random places. Very strange.

It seems to me, given the way it’s healing, that you can sort of guess at how the incision was made. You see the red dot in the direct middle of it…it’s healed down to nothing on either side of the direct middle, but there’s a half-inch bump in the very centre of the incision. So I imagine that he started with the scalpel in the middle, and then dragged it outwards, first on one side and then on the other, with the least amount of pressure at that point directly after the puncture, but a bit more on the ends. It’s like he was doing some geometry homework on me, and that’s the only comparison I’m qualified to make.

It still doesn’t hurt, in case you’re wondering. But I think I’m starting to get a bit of feeling back around it. I don’t even notice it feeling tight anymore. The skin is (mostly) back to its stretchable self. Surgery is really not the hardest thing about thyroid cancer, not by a long shot. The human body is an amazing thing, and I’m frankly shocked at how well it bounces back from being sliced open and sewn back up. Our ability to heal ourselves is amazing. Another thing to be grateful for.

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