Note-taking goes Ubiquitous

Note-taking goes Ubiquitous


Faculty can usually tell if they’re being recorded, what with the need for some sort of obvious recorder. But what if the computer and the recording device are in the pen?

This would be pretty wicked if you could mash up all the notes from the class along with the lecture recording. If we could get the pen to work online instead of just off, you could see the notes being created in real time.

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  1. Yeah, it seems similar…though this is definitely targeted at university students. I want to get my hands on one. It says it records the entire lecture, start to finish, whether or not you’re writing. I think recording a lecture is utterly pointless, but being able to refer to parts based on your notes is kinda cool.

    I’ll have to pitch the idea at work and see if I can get them to buy me one to experiment with. 🙂

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