Cancerland Video, version two

Cancerland Video, version two


Everyone I know has already seen the first video, but after watching it myself a few times, I realized what pieces were missing from the build itself. To start: why didn’t I put labels on the spaces? I had names for the pieces, like the hall of terror and the scar display room, so why don’t I put proper labels on things? I also stopped making good use of audio after a certain point in the build. I didn’t want to be a one-trick pony, but I think the audio is very effective. So I added some more. I added some more interactive pieces into my office recreation too.

It’s all a big learning process, that’s for sure. Building something like this isn’t exactly instinctual, that’s for sure, even though I think it’s hitting on some very basic communication methods.

On a tangiential note: I love youtube’s high res options. You can actually read the narrative text through it. Awesome.

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  1. My greatest respect to you for sharing this video. The follicular variant of papillary thyroid cancer looks like ball 2 cm in diameter sometimes larger.
    This type of cancer is very hard to diagnose as it looks similar and composed of the same cells as benign thyroid adenoma. This why surgery is done in all cases if such type of tumor is fouund in the thyroid. Thanks for posting this video, it mke me think how fragile the life is.
    p.s. Prior to starting replacement therapy, the cortisol leves shuld be checked to assure proper T4 to T3 conversion.
    Regards, O.T., space biology and medicine

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