Search Strings for Fun and Profit

Search Strings for Fun and Profit

Interesting searches of the week:

my feeling of brussels: One day, you’ll be able to run a google search to find out how you feel about something.

“national defence” and “information literacy”: I love that these were together in a search. The fact that it’s a search about information literacy tells you that this search was performed by a librarian, let alone the use of a boolean operator.

ban a friend (email with comma) subject: Not sure where (email with comma) fits in.

build+disappearing+second life: another interesting attempt to booleanize google.

can i get more storage on my macbook: No question mark!

canlı ifade msn penis görüntüleri: I don’t even want to know.

cn tower at night from across the water: An image search?

i’m uncomfortable with instructional technology: I’m sorry to hear that. I wonder if my blog helped this person; somehow I doubt it. Google as psychologist.

what places have alot of people in second life the game: I think this is my favourite of the week. Adding “the game” will surely help filter out all the instances where “second” and “life” appear together in a paragraph. Though, I guess it worked: that person got to me, and I write about Second Life (the game). Though I specifically don’t call it a game. So this person is clearly on to something.

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