The Digital Academy, day 1: 9am

The Digital Academy, day 1: 9am

Let’s explore how machines can analyze text! Hemingway is a web application that reads your text and makes editing suggestions.  Hemingway looks for adverbs, the passive voice, and overcomplicated words, highlights them for you, suggests ways to modify them, and tells you what your readability score is. A readability score tells you what level of education your reader must have to be able to understand what you’ve written. Hemingway will also tell you how long it would take to read your text out loud.

Note: you don’t need to take all of Hemingway’s advice. It’s a machine, not a human: it will probably make some mistakes when it looks at your text. The algorithm behind Hemingway looks for certain kinds of patterns it was programmed to find; it could have been programmed to look for different kinds of patterns in text. And in the end, it’s your post, so, just like with a human editor, you can always ignore its advice.

  1. Paste the text of your blog post into Hemingway.
  2. Explore Hemingway’s analysis and advice.
  3. Edit your text as you see fit.
  4. When you’re happy with your text, paste it into this document, under your name.

You have one hour.

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