About Rochelle

About Rochelle

I’m an Emerging Technologies Librarian. Raised in Guelph, I first saw the internet at my friend’s house in 1991, but thought it was only for people who understood math (i.e., not me).

I started building learning objects by accident. I stumbled upon telnet-based multi-user spaces in 1993 and promptly built interactive versions of my history papers. After completing a BA in English and History at Carleton University, I went on to Harvard to pursue a Master of Theological Studies, where I kept up with Canadian news via live streaming audio from the CBC.

After that, i was off to the University of Toronto to begin work on a Ph.D in history. While reading for comps, I discovered the power of social media and how people from around the world will use anything available to them to interact, connect, and collaborate. I also rediscovered my love of writing fiction. Some old habits never die.

I picked up an MLIS from the University of Western Ontario (now called Western University) and gave up a historian’s life for academic librarianship with a fiction habit. I haven’t regretted it yet.

I’ve been at the University of Toronto Mississauga library since 2005. Still writing fiction for fun.

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