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Scar update

Scar update

Someone asked, so I took a picture of my thyroidectomy scar today. For reference, here’s a short history of my scar:

one week post surgery (mid-February, 2008)

two weeks post surgery (end of February, 2008)

Photo 12
about four weeks post surgery (early March, 2008)

Photo 50
about a week post radiation (mid-March, 2008)

Photo 67

For those who are curious, and for those facing this exact surgery. The body takes it’s time to heal. This is how one learns to be patient, I suppose. It heals at its own rate, and it probably takes a full year or more before you get to see what it will look like as a permanent scar. Even then, I wonder; there are lots of products you can put on scars these days. I put vitamin e on mine during the day, and zinc (diaper rash cream, yes indeed) on it during the night.