Scar update

Scar update

Someone asked, so I took a picture of my thyroidectomy scar today. For reference, here’s a short history of my scar:

one week post surgery (mid-February, 2008)

two weeks post surgery (end of February, 2008)

Photo 12
about four weeks post surgery (early March, 2008)

Photo 50
about a week post radiation (mid-March, 2008)

Photo 67

For those who are curious, and for those facing this exact surgery. The body takes it’s time to heal. This is how one learns to be patient, I suppose. It heals at its own rate, and it probably takes a full year or more before you get to see what it will look like as a permanent scar. Even then, I wonder; there are lots of products you can put on scars these days. I put vitamin e on mine during the day, and zinc (diaper rash cream, yes indeed) on it during the night.

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  1. thank you for the pictures.I had a thyroidectomy a week ago and you’ve made me stronger .I had a lot of worries about the scar.You look great! I wish you health and happyness

  2. Thank you also from me. I had my thyroidectomy 6/11, one week ago, by an acclaimed endocrine surgeon. The incision site is frightening looking! I’m so happy to see how nice you look now, the scar very minimal. Thank you for sharing. All the best to you!

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