Astrology and NPR

Astrology and NPR

Well, I had to take a break from playing with the blog to have dinner with my friend and colleague Jamie. Question of the day: does everyone’s life suck right now? What’s going on? Everyone’s depressed and everyone’s lives are falling apart. Sheesh. I guess it’s been a long winter. Or there’s some astrological reason for us all to suffer this year. Well. Oh, and managed to slip in some online radio-listening: check out This American Life, and scan their huge archive of past shows. I personally suggest Monogamy and Who’s Canadian? (just two of my personal favourites. ) I’m not sure what the world would do without Ira Glass. And I say this as a die hard CBC fan, but there is just some really really good programming on NPR.

Bedtime for this little bunny. I hope we all (all of those afflicted by an unfortunate configuration of stars) have sweet dreams tonight.

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