Cuddling up with a Book

Cuddling up with a Book

Well! Now I learned more about colours, and even got a page that tells me all the codes from a very nice fellow in Australia, who even bothered to check my page 3 minutes after waking up. (Thanks, tsr!)

And I managed NOT to go to stammtisch tonight….the office was empty when I closed up shop at work, and I was starving and not keen on paying out the 15 bucks it usually costs me when I go into the Duke of York hungry. And, besides that, I was thinking to pick up a book. A friend mentioned a book she was trying to read called An incidence of the fingerpost by Iain Pears. She mentioned that it spent a lot of time snuggled on the bridge of her nose because she kept trying to read whilst way too tired, but she thought it was right up my alley. So I did actually pick it up today. She was right. It’s a murder mystery set in Restoration England, and the first part is narrated by an Italian pseudo-noble with an interest in experimental physick. I don’t know how she finds these books, but I’m thankful. It’s been a fun read, in spite of my gut questions about whether he’s right to have the doctors say or do certain things. 🙂 I’m just being an over-educated snob on that, though….it’s clear he knows the issues involved in talking about early modern medicine. And I noticed a thank you nod in the acknowledgments to my favourite historian of all time, Lyndal Roper, as well as to Olwen Hufton, so who am I to get huffy? Anyway, it’s not as if there are glaring problems. It’s really the push-pull in experimental science at the time, between getting your hands dirty and academic respect, between observation and authority….I can see he’s aware of these issues, and trying to illustrate them. I’m not used to reading fiction that centres on the arcane knowledge I’ve spent so long acquiring. It’s….quite fun. I had forgotten how wonderful it is to settle into bed with a warm drink and a good book. Remind me to do it more often.

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