The Future

The Future

Well, I had a great time at the silly movie with emma. We didn’t win a door prize, but we did get to see a movie for free. It was funny, and emma is fabulous to see a funny movie with. Man, that girl can LAUGH. Afterwards we nipped by to see Jason, and ended up sticking around and helping him (loosely speaking) generate exam questions. Oh, those poor environment students….

I’ve started putting my application together to switch into OISE. My mother will probably frown over the last two ‘wasted’ years, no doubt, but I feel really good about this, and it would never have occured to me before now. And talk about learning about bad educational environments in higher education…well, I guess everyone has to crash and burn at some point. Now if I can just figure out the money….I know the next year will be okay, with a SSHRC or with a loan, but what about the summer? Should I stay in the history department for the summer, try and finish up my comps work first? Should I just go ahead and work? Should I get a temp job for now, make some cash, pay my rent? Who knows, who knows.

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