Well, this was rather interesting and obscure. Last night Janine and I went down to the Necropolis to wander among the gravestones, which was very cool (it’s always good to have someone with you who knows their new testament inside and out), but I guess we started too late, because by the time we ran out of light and went to leave, they had locked us in. Janine thought this was cool, she was fired up by the ‘challenge’. I was not. Much as I enjoy graveyards, the idea of spending the night in one did not please me. It’s not that warm out yet. Well, we wandered around a bit looking for a way out, but I managed to wiggle the padlock through the metal thing behind it and open the gate. It took a bit of wiggling to work it back through so the gate would stay shut, though. Better security is required at the Necropolis, but not as long as they don’t bother to check for people when they lock up.

And: I forgot that they shut off the water today between 9am-5pm. And who got up at 9:30am? Great. I HATE that. Not only no shower, but no iced tea either. This is the start of a good day, I can just feel it.

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