Fish and Gender Issues

Fish and Gender Issues

Much fun had at tonight at salmon’s. And, what was the main course for the evening? Can you guess? Salmon! How cannibalistic! And, a first for me. I was determined to be brave about it, though when it came out with the skin on it and stuff it kind of freaked me out. Good thing I’d had a beer and a couple of glasses of wine by then. And, verdict is…it was pretty good. It might take me a while to get over the consistency, though. I don’t think I’m over my fear of fish by a longshot, but I did take an important step tonight. And I met all kinds of really nice people. But I think I initiated/prolonged some strange conversations, so I’m not sure I’ll get invited back. Oh dear. 🙂

And I think I’m going with emma to buy a guitar tomorrow. What fun! I figure Steve’s on Queen st. is the place to go. Seeing that I’ve been to all of two music stores in Toronto, and only into each one once. (Once to get a new capo and some strings, and once to get some picks. That was on Saturday.) For some reason people assume that if you can play a guitar you must know how to buy one too. (My mother bought me mine. I’ve never bought one.) But this should be interesting. And emma’s always a hoot. I haven’t spent enough time with her of late.

Also: I was watching QT last night, and saw its host, Irshad, refer to some viewer comments about transexual issues, and to their FTM correspondent’s response. Well, since I’ve been trying to talk about gender for weeks now, I decided to email their correspondent, Kyle, about what he had written. And that has evolved into a rather interesting email conversation about the nature of trans issues generally, and has given me a lot to think about. I knew there was someone who would give me a real criticism of my gender essentialism…but I’m still pushing Kyle on some issues. He’s giving me a whole new spin, which I enjoy. I really need to go back to school, don’t I. It’s pretty sad.

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