Well, I’ve continued to have a fascinating conversation with Kyle about gender and trans issues. He is truly a gifted human being, and I’m endlessly grateful that he bothered to answer my email. (Just one more adoring fan, and all that. ) He has said lots of incredibly fascinating things, but I think it would be rude to start sticking bits of my email up here. But let it not be said that I’m not tempted…talk about turning gender arguments upside down. I think the key point is that trans issues are a kind of gender crossroads, it’s what happens when feminism and queer theory hit the pavement, it’s the point when you finally try on the sweater you’ve been knitting for years and discover that it doesn’t fit at all. Like, as if you didn’t leave room for one of your arms, *that* sort of “doesn’t fit”.

Hildegarde sings, o/~ I missed ten thousand miles of road I should’ve seen..o/~

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