Bridal Party

Bridal Party

Blogging late at night again….

Well, so I was hanging out with the bridal party today. What a complete blast. I had such a great time, who knew? We tried on 500 dresses, and I discovered that I *am* an actual size 14 (my mother didn’t entirely believe it), and I got lots of nice comments about how ‘curvy’ I am. I have this hidden waist that no one ever sees, because I think I look like a busty whore with massive hips. Apparently this is otherwise known as an hourglass figure. So, if you can believe it, shopping for a bridesmaid dress actually ended up being an ego-boosted event. Who knew?

Anyway, a great great great time was had by all. We head to Blake’s house afterwards (another bridesmaid), and drank wine and kept talking. It was productive and fun. It was good to meet these people again…they were all a year ahead of me in school, so I know them but not really…we all really connected. I hope we get together again. But now I’m exhausted and that means I’m going to be behind in my email correspondence. I thought of another 1500 things I want to talk to Kyle about, but I don’t have the energy yet to write the email. Isn’t it amazing how fast you can come to really look forward to hearing what someone thinks….

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